first blog post

I was recently asked to write a letter that would be given to a great friend of mine during a spiritual retreat. I wasn’t quite sure of what to say or how to say it. I closed my eyes, sighed a few times, walked around a bit, bumped into walls. Swiped through pics on my phone.

The letter was “due” on the night I was asked to contribute. I was certain, around 10ish, that my voice was one that would not be heard during the retreat, so I ran a bath and soaked.

I remembered this about him: his laugh. His crazy, loud, contagious, obnoxious laugh.


(surprised him with a bday vegan box)

Note to a Dear Friend

Dearest Lance,

You are strong and courageous,

Your smile brilliant
as it is warm
the murky haze of
a dreary day and
the brightest summer sun.

exceedingly contagious;
your boisterous, uncompromising cadence
our audience and
we willingly, intently abide.

Those who know you or
have known you,
the briefly acquainted,
the devoted
have all been captivated
in the moment
of your laughter.

And Know this of you
Dear Friend,
When you laugh,
You love, and
You are loved.



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